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Graham points out that the present structure of the club with 3000 members and growing weekly it is not possible to do this immediately.A possible cause of this increase in membership is that to qualify for a Classic Insurance discount on their machines, it is necessary to be a member of the VJMC.4 page article, The Chequered Flag by Stuart Marshall on racing success in the Isle of Man.The top one is Tommy Robb riding a Works Suzuki 50 very probably at the T. and the second is of Sammy Miller riding an early Honda RC145 (125cc)2 page article by Colin Gibson on the CR750, the race kitted version of the early CB750’s. The conversion kit is explained in detail inside the magazine.One of these memorably won the 1970 Daytona 200 event which provided a massive springboard for the sale of the road going versions in the U. I bought this magazine (new in 1970) for 20p and it remains one of my most well read magazines. The top one is of a motorcycle which I do not recognise, if it’s Japanese I have never seen one before and the bottom one looks to be a very early road going Yamaha probably a 250.The Honda’s are covered in 1 page, Yamaha’s in 2 pages and the Kawasaki’s in 3 pages.

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There is also a group picture of which Don Leeson may be one (no text)2 pages on how to interpret Suzuki part numbers and model codes by Don Leeson followed by 2 pages of model codes in ascending order (starting with 000) followed by 1 page of Suzuki models from 1957 through to 1977 with notes on various modifications during production6 pages (including the rear cover) of a very detailed analysis of the various Japanese motorcycle manufactures models in relation to frame and engine numbers for example a 1962 CB72 would have a frame number range from CB72E – 21001 to 211880 and an engine number from CB72 20001 to 21881.Front and rear cover photos from the Brandon (Suffolk) Show, Dave Jupp with Honda S65 on the front and Thomas Wahle & friends (from Germany) with his Suzuki GT750 plus Chris Holiday’s Suzuki T250 on the rear.Front and rear cover photos of a rider on what looks like a Honda CB350 based road racing bike, the picture forms the basis for the Christmas quiz in which readers are invited to name the rider.(2) Clive and Don Leeson’s Suzuki’s, a T20 and a TC250 (3) Furthest travels award shows a photo of a 350 Yamaha which had covered 315 miles from Edinburgh – members name not given and (4) “Mr Bridgestone” on a 90cc model.Inside the front cover, 2 photos with a ‘Who is it’ caption. On page 14 of this issue is a front cover photo of the October 1970 edition of the American magazine “Cycle” which features an article on the full CB750 race kit.

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